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  1. Where´s the patch that says all the retard auto traps that you have added today? I´ve been trying to find that for a while, haven´t found a single word. Still, this morning everything was alright and now I go to farm for a little and find myself surrendered by more traps than mobs. How am I supposed to farm now? I really hope you have a better plan than that to catch bots, coz if this is your plan I´m afraid you gonna loose most of your players. Yeah, maybe not the 180 ones that are super mega rich and don´t give a fk about going to farm into Kaia lake or Pigs spot. Or maybe your secret plan is that the whole server goes Reaper so they can AoE the shit out of mobs and don´t have the necessity of clicking that much like i do as Ice Archer, coz i only have 1 AoE and since I have just started I cannot do op stuff and kill everything with 1 shoot, I really don´t know, but the feeling of having to pay the prize of not being able of enjoy my farming just because other people do bot, it´s not fair at all. We´re not all the same. For reals, I really hope you reconsider your decision and fix this, coz this... this is just BS.
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