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- Don't forget to get all the drop buffs in the dragons, pigs and yeti area
-The difference between the creatures and your level should not be high
You can farm with a new character in a black hole without using energy and growth potion.
- You can buy rupee boxes by growth points from the lair of bears

- There is a rate of winning koala creatures from bear boxes. The koala creature is the game's strongest pet.
-You can earn hidden village tickets at a low rate from rupee boxes
- With the numbered boxes falling from the bear cave mobs, you can get the luminous box from the pierot npc and get the chance to win a deco wing and mask with special bonus.

-Buff npc Alice, for star coin you can get new world buffs that can work with other world buffs
-If you have a hidden village ticket, you can upgrade your items from NPC for a more affordable price (+20 level)
- Hidden village ticket gives you 2x ap rate for daily AP missions
- Hidden village ticket gives extra Rappelz PC Room buff
-You can make your items +20 directly with star coins
-You can upgrade your pets up to ss5 in exchange for star coins, you can increase the skill level up to 180
-You can earn money by selling boss cards dropped from Alize and Vulcanus holes to the merchant.
-The game mastery belt is better than the bear belt for some classes. The stats of some of the mastery belts have been changed. others are strengthened
-M2, LM2, CV2 dungeons updated. At the early level, these dungeons are not suitable for you, you can get stronger and farm bosses with your party.
-Physical classes are now more powerful.
-Old epic pets are stronger than soul pets so don't waste time with soul pets
-Pet artifacts on the creature npcs have been strengthened and made compatible with all pets
- Having blademaster, warden and oracle in your parties will make you very series
-Blademaster is set as the boss killer. It cannot hit multiple targets. It is a lethal class that attacks single targets.
-oracle now has more heal skill. oracle can increase all skills of the party by +1 level and give the whole party immortality for a short time
-warden is now more tank, more resistant to physical and magical attacks, and almost immortal. a well-crafted warden does very high damage

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