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If you want your labor to be wasted, please do not violate the rules. Read the rules carefully.


  • Penalties will be imposed on those who disturb players, provoke players, misrepresent what managers say, and distinguish players. (Discord group cancellation - in-game penalty)
  • DWL When creating an account on Rappelz server, please do not use your username and passwords that you use on other servers. Game officials are not responsible for any loss of account.
  • It is forbidden to try bug and lag that will harm the order of the game within the game. Players who do this will be removed from the game indefinitely.
  • game officials do not request your password and private information from you. Please do not share this information with anyone.
  • Game officials have the right to review all the talks in order to maintain the in-game order. If there is a situation that does not comply with the rules by analyzing the speeches, the necessary penalty is applied. No one will be tolerated.
  • What the penalties will be, is a decision of the game officials. You gave him the following sentence, why don't you complain more about my punishment.
  • Depending on the extent of the rule violation, the penalty may be given to me. Do not try to open a rope ban later because this will be an unnecessary effort.
  • How it concerns you how to configure your characters. Please do not bother to request information about class configurations from the authorities.
  • The authorities in the game have the right to weaken and strengthen the classes in order to balance. These changes are shared on the discord channel.
  • If you cannot reach the game officials in-game, do not engage in chat. You can write your suggestions / requests and complaints to the relevant department through Discord channel. The authorities will take care of them when appropriate.
  • It is forbidden to use any cheat program. When detected, ban will be cast indefinitely.
  • Wearing slang words are prohibited. Also, if you are disturbed by the speeches of other players, block them.
  • People who are organized or trying to remove other players from the game will be punished
  • Talking about language, religion, race, gender, politics is the reason for ban.
  • It is forbidden to talk about specially arranged items in the game. Our characters will already be in the game, we don't hide it from anyone.
  • It is forbidden to speak on behalf of GM, MOD or ADMIN.
  • Instead of informing the authorities about the deficiencies and errors in the game, those who transfer and share them with other players will receive a total penalty.
  • Each player is responsible for his account. If your account name and passwords are given to other players and stolen, the authorities will not be responsible for this situation. The person who issued the password will also be punished.
  • Players who want gold, special items, in-game sales for money will be penalized.
  • PK is prohibited in dungeons below -150 lvl. It is forbidden to open pk to new players.
  • PK will be punished if it is not allowed during a GM Event.
  • It is forbidden to provoke ADMIN, insult or organize players. Players who do this will be IP-banned.
  • There is no refund in store sales. Please complete your purchase after making sure you have enough information about the product you are purchasing and that you are getting the right item.
  • The rules are clear and clear. Create your characters after reading the rules thoroughly. When you start the game, you agree that you have read the rules.
  • The rules violations of the players who are punished for chat conversations will be documented with the visuals and shared explicitly in the ban list on discord.
  • The same is true for discord. Game officials can check the channels of different countries and if there is a violation of the rules, intervention is made. The player who is penalized in Discorr will also be penalized in the game.
  • Players who do not register from discord in special events in Discor cannot participate and claim rights in that event. Writing in-game is not enough.
  • Discord channel, each player will share on their country's channel. The trading channel is common to all.
  • It is forbidden to talk about other servers and advertise on the Discord channel. People who do this will be banned from both discord and the game.
  • Be careful before destroying items and do not confirm without checking while performing clearing. Game officials will not intervene in case of wrong exchange and wrong item destruction.
  • Game officials have the right to discount in the store. You cannot claim the difference of an item purchased before the discount after the discount.
  • There will be special designs that will only be sold once in the store and will be offered at certain time intervals. Players who are not available or not seen during these hours cannot request to purchase that product later.
  • In order to prevent the imbalance caused by the exchange rate difference, the game officials have the right to set different prices according to the countries.
  • How much you make a purchase from the store, how much you deposit will not affect your penalty. Your deposit does not give you the right to violate the rule. No one will be tolerated.
  • It is forbidden to request special discounts regarding the store.
  • ADMIN and MODs will be active in the game to help you. Be respectful to the authorities, we all work for you on behalf of a good gaming experience.
  • It is forbidden to advertise in-game and discrod to talk about other servers.
  •    We wish you good fun

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